Thanks to Shock Line high performance transfer papers, keeping pace with every technological revolution, and OKI led/laser printers with White Toners, it is now possible to personalize an infinite range of colored objects with white and covering graphics. Objects, plates, gifts in fabric, fashion apparel and promotional items, packaging papers and cardboard, gadgets, leather, coated and plastic materials, decoupage objects, models and much more. From today screen-print White is Digital!


RIP PostScript level 3 Software for complete color management on OKI White toner printers. Suitable for Windows XP-Vista-7-8-10, 32-64 bit and Mac OS X.

A user friendly color management RIP for all laser/LED OKI printers with White Toners. Minimizes consumption, optimizes print output and maximizes profit through the toner opacity/coverage counter which allows to quantify the printing costs. Available for Windows and Mac.

NOTE: OKI white toner printer requires the images without background (e.g. .tif, .png). If you print using our RIP Software or from Corel Draw, an image without background, it will be printed perfectly. While, if you print from Photoshop or Illustrator you must draw a cutting path, otherwise you will print a white ractangle on the background. The following guides can help you: