PS FRESCO is a new patented technique for decorating mural surfaces. It looks like a fresco because its pigments penetrate into the surface's pores. It isn't an adhesive or a wallpaper and it doesn't change the surface's features. It's breathable, eco-friendly and it can be matched to the best paints, glazes and protectives on the market. It works like a special decal, it's custom printed and its application is quick, clean and odorless. it doesn't contain dangerous substances for human environments. In interior locations, pigments do not change in time. The product is also suitable for external walls.


You can decorate your home and any kind of domestic location. Thanks to PS FRESCO it is possible to custom decorate your living room, bedroom or children's room with any kind of image, design, photo or graphic elaboration. PS FRESCO is an exclusive and patented solution, it works like special decal, it doesn't contain hazardous substances for human environments. It is breathable and it doesn't change the surfaces'features. It is applied to all mural surfaces and it can be matched to many kinds of paints and glazes with amazing chromatic effects. It's long lasting and can be easily coverred without leaving traces on walls.


PS FRESCO is a solution that gives personality to your walls through relief decorated plasters, that are ready to be integrated in your spaces. You can make ready-to-use decors in standard sizes. It enriches any surface including country locations, creates contrasts and special decorative effects on thick coverings. It gives a new style to your home, with surprising artistic and chromatic effects such as old stuccos, frescoes, masterpiece reproductions, country decorations and an infinite range of styles including photographic.


It is also used to "humanize" locations (care, entertainment, aggregation). In these contexts, PS FRESCO demonstrates its technologic and patented added value, thanks to its high innovation contents.

Communicate through color, cure with chromo therapy, humanize, make people comfortable or realize scenograpies. PS FRESCO can be applied everywhere combined with advanced paintings systems in ecologic and comfort terms. It is suitable for normal walls, structural elements with smooth surfaces, flat or vaulted ceilings. The parts of the wall that must be decorated have to be white. The application can be overlapped and finished with manual interventions. It is possible to combine with colored walls. The pigments must to be applied with a correct application technique. Thanks to PS FRESCO, architects, designers, public entities and sport societies can appoint and create custom-made formats that comply to the most strict specification bonds and can satisfy any communication style. It is eco-friendly and long lasting, that is, 10 years interior and 5 years exterior.


PS FRESCO allows architects, city planners, construction firms to interpret and revolutionize the exterior aspect of urban areas without substantial variations to the original project.

PS FRESCO becomes the ideal tool to create classes, trends and subjects. Its versatility integrates into existing structures, and allows the designer to combine requests, orders, personality, art, technology, functionality and aesthetics. It recalls the conception of ornament and decoration as an integral part of the style, and to characterize, as in previous eras, works as genuine expressions of architecture.

The application cycle changes according to the place and supports. It can be apply on exposed cement, paving, stone coverings, handmade cement, in combination with epoxy resins or scratch-proof products with most exterior synthetic and mineral painting cycles. It can be protected against UV-ray and vandalic acts. It can be linked with colored walls. The pigments must to be applied with a correct application technique.


PS FRESCO is a patented Shock Line decal for decorating walls or absorbing surfaces. Not cut and peelable. Internationally patented PSFRESCO consists of a digitally pigmented sheet that shifts "only the color" directly into the pores of the surface that must be decorated without changing it’s features and integrating with any paint on it. It ensures excellent scratch resistance. The application requires a specific liquid.


It is ideal for interior and exterior walls, floors, lining, street furniture, concrete, but also for wood, marble and stone. Excellent, in general, for any breathable, not plastic, slightly porous surface.

ROLLS (cm x linear meters)

122X50 - 122X25 - 122X12 - 61X25 - 61X3 - 50X25 - Jumbo

Some particular surfaces...