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Before any query


Before any query concerning printing or application, double check if you have accurately read the instruction sheet included in each box.


It is necessary to verify the pressure and be sure that it is sufficient and precise. To check if the pressure is evenly distributed there is a simple "do it yourself" method: press a sheet of silicon tissue paper in each corner of the press then pull the sheets. If the tissue paper slips out, the pressure of the plates is not even. In this case adjust the pressure.


The temperature that appears on the heat press display must be the effective temperature of the heat plate. The oscillation must not exceed +/- 3°C. To check the temperature, we recommend the use of a thermometer.


The toner isn’t fixed on the paper. How can I solve this issue?

Printing mode: choose the kind of paper and weight written on the instructions. If the problem isn't solved, increase the weight of the paper one step at a time.

Can I print Shock Line transfer papers with any laser printer?

Yes, Shock Line transfer papers can be printed with most of the printers on the market. Please check the compatibility list. If you do not find your printer, contact us.

Which are the setting parameters of my OKI White toner printer?

Simply connect your printer to the pc using the cable or by network. Do not change any parameters.

I have the RIP software. Which are the printer setting parameters of my OKI White?

Follow the steps in the Installation Guide or watch the video.

What are the main functions of the RIP software?

Click here to see the dedicated page.


What kind of fabrics can be printed with Shock Line transfer paper?

Cotton, polyester and most kinds of fabrics. Light and colored. The SUPER, the TOPCUT and TOPDARKNEW are also suitable for wide woven fabrics (e.g. polo-shirts).

What kind of hard surfaces can be printed with Shock Line transfer paper?

You can print any kind of hard surfaces including aluminum, ceramic, plexiglass, glass, plastic, paper, cardboard, leather, wood, wax and many other materials. You have only to choose the correct transfer paper.

Do I have to warm up the t-shirt before the application?

It is recommended to remove moisture by pressing briefly. Not recommended for the TOPCUT application.

When I remove the paper from the t-shirt, the toner remains partly on the paper. Why?

First, increase the pressure. Before to remove the paper from the t-shirt, wave the t-shirt on the plate and remove the paper after 5 or 7 seconds.

When I remove the TOPCUT from the t-shirt, the toner remains partly on the paper. Why?

TOPCUT is made for transferring flat colors or gradients up to 30%. It’s not possible to transfer very light colors (less than 30%). E.g. It’s not possible to transfer photographic images.

Do I have to press the t-shirt again after removing the paper liner?

It is recommended for all applications and necessary for improved washing resistance. Not recommended for the FC BLANC when applied directly, (without application tape).


To use the POLARTNEW is it necessary to have pre-treated substrates for sublimation?

No, the POLARTNEW also works on hard surfaces without pretreatment.

How I can improve scratch resistance on mugs when I use the POLARTNEW?

Before the application we recommend cleaning the mug with a car-glass solution. Ceramic objects can also be heated in an oven at 150 °C for 15' minutes.

Are mugs printed with POLARTNEW washable in the dishwasher?

No, the toner is not resistant to intensive washing. We suggest hand washing. Transfer papers for laser printers are for the promotional market.

How I can improve scratch resistance on metal plates?

By using the AUC PROLUX protective film.

Are metal plates printed with POLARTNEW suitable for outdoor use?

No, the toner is not suitable for outdoor use. Transfer papers for laser printers are for the promotional market.

The POLARTNEW leaves an opaque halo, how I can remove it?

Sometimes it can occur, it depends on the printers. It is possible to remove it by alcohol and cotton wool.


TOPIMAGE: how to recognize the printing side.

The clipped corner of the sheet must always be on the bottom right side.

When I transfer the TOPIMAGE to the TOPGLUE, sometimes the results are not satisfactory. How I can improve?

Working with a high-quality heat press it usually doesn't happen. Make sure that the blue pad (MA POLTEX) and the plates of the press are hot enough. Separate the sheets with a smooth, regular movement keeping your hand very low on the plate. Peel off from corner to corner diagonally.

My heat press has a very wide plate and the pressure is not enough. How can I handle this issue?

If the plate of the press is very large, for example 40x50 cm, we recommend using the red pad MA STUOI RB3 to reduce the area thus increasing the pressure.

When removing the paper liner from the t-shirt, some of the white parts came off and the peeling is quite difficult. Why?

This is caused by the first step when you transfer the TOPIMAGE to the TOPGLUE and the temperature is too high. Check and reduce the temperature of the application of the first step increasing pressing time. (e.g. 140°C – 70” or 135°C – 90”).

Sometimes, after I remove the paper liner from the t-shirt, I notice some small grey parts. What is this?

They are just residuals of the coating and can be simply brushed away. In any case they will disappear during the first washing. To avoid it decrease the pressure on the first step.

What size is the smallest detail I can transfer?

Two tenths of a millimeter.

Can I print the TOPDARKNEW only with the OKI White toner printer?

The product was developed for the OKI White toner printer and results are guaranteed on this machine. With the OKI White you can print any kind of image and picture (including gradients or very light colors). The TOPDARKNEW can be used also with some other OKI CMYK printers but using color intensity 100%. It can also work with some other models like Ricoh and Brother. However due to the differences in toners the TOPDARKNEW doesn't work with some other printers (Xerox, Konica Minolta, Canon, Hp, ...).

Can I use my Ghost white toner printer?

Yes, but strictly attain to the instructions provided by Ghost. Print all the colors on TOPIMAGE and then print again on the TOPIMAGE with full white layer option (launched in full black layer but printed in white when the white cartridge is installed). Printing with Ghost is a two-step procedure. If you print TOPDARKNEW with a Ghost printer without the white, it won’t work. All other transfer works perfectly also in CMYK.

Can I print any picture or only vectoral drawings?

With the TOPDARKNEW printed with OKI White toner laser printer you can print any kind of image or picture.