OKI Pro9541WT

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Any kind of surface


Fast, Easy, Low cost

Introduction and presentation

Shock Line transfer papers for OKI Pro9541WT

You can print the standard and the self-weeding transfer papers for textile and hard surfaces applications.

You can make a screen printing frame in five minutes, few euros and without gel or chemical products.

You can also produce ibrid digital-screen-printing transfer papers ready to use! Cotton, polyester, metals, polypropylene and more, using only 1 screen printing frame.

Download the PDF

with all details

(target, cost, bep)

of the three technologies.

Download the catalogue of the three technologies: transfers, DIGISERI and Selfscreen.

A complete system from 1 piece up to medium high run.

The revolution has begun!

Video tutorial

Please note: some videos were recorded before product improvements. Some parameters may be different. Please always check the TDS inside the box.


Digiseri and Selfscreen